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Which routers does your software support ?

We can currently supply firmware for the TP-Link WR1043ND router, the Linksys WRT54GL router and will soon introduce firmware for the Netgear WNDR3800 router. These models have been selected as the best range of currently widely available well specified routers. Firmware needs to be created, tested and supported for each router model so we cannot supply firmware for alternative specifcally requested routers.

I've ADSL, can you sell a unit with a built in ADSL Modem ?

We find the best solution is to plug the UseMyNet unit into one of the LAN ports of a regular ADSL Router. This also allows you to keep a secure Wi-Fi network on the ADSL router for your own use alongside the open Wi-Fi network on the UseMyNet unit for customer use.

Can a customer log-off a session and return to it later ?

In a word no, we don't have the space on the router to keep track of partially used sessions. The best solution is to kill the customers session noting the time remaining and issue a new ticket for the remaining time. The customer can use this code the next time.

I have a monthly cap of 5GB on my internet connection. Can I limit my customers downloads ?

Yes; you can limit by both rate and bandwidth limit. For each ticket type you can specifiy both a upload/download rate (in kbps) and the bandwidth limit (in Mb). So for example you can limit as session to 512kbps down 256kbps up and a total bandwith of 100 MB for the session.

Can I connect PCs to the LAN  port of the router -  will the authentication process work ?


How many simultaneously clients can the router take ?

From testing we find that the Linksys router can support between 10-20 users depending on how heavy their usage is and somewhat more using the pre-loaded Ready to Go router we supply. The limit comes from the processing power of the router itself and the complexity of the internet traffic users are accessing rather than any load or limitiation placed from UseMyNet software.

I want to setup several routers to cover my Hotel, do I install UseMyNet on each ?

We'd recommend that you setup your routers with Wireless Distribution System (WDS) and just have UseMyNet software installed on the router which has the Internet connection.

What's the range of the unit ?
It's the same as other wireless routers. With all wireless routers the range is dependant upon the construction and walls of the building it is used in and external obstructions for outside use. The range of the Linksys WRT54GL is equivalent to most current WiFi products being based upon the current 802.11g WiFi standard giving a typical effective range of around about 35m indoors and 140m outdoors. With an optional external antenna you can extend the range further and reach more customers.

The pre-installed router we currently supply is to the 802.11g and the new draft 802.11n standard. The 802.11n standard potentially extends effective range but only if the connecting customers have devices with the new capabiltiy. Otherwise the range is broadly equivalent to the Linksys WRT54GL.

A site survey by recording the signal strength from an exisitng or test WiFi source at different points around a site may be conducted to establish effective range where this is a critical consideration in demanding circumstances.

If we have a power outage are the codes and sessions saved or will we loose the data ?

The unit keeps a copy of hte codes and active sessions files in flash memory which isn't lost on a power failure. Worst case when the unit comes back the session time remaining will be a few minutes out. However data usage would be reset so if using a data cap on tickets users will be allowed the full ticket allowance from the restart.

Is there a function to remotely access the router ?

It's possible to use SSH or HTTP to administer the router remotely. This would require you to have Port Forwarding or a VPN setup on your existing network.

Unlike most competitors there's no monthly fees or revenue sharing, the system is completely self-contained and controlled by you.

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