Glossary of WiFi Hotspot Terms



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Access Point - A networking device that provides WiFi. Ranges from cheap domestic units to expensive industrial devices for outdoor use. Term now used interchangeably with WiFi router.

Hotspot - The area in which WiFi service is available. Term also used for the networking device that provides the service. See also: Access Point and WiFi Router.

Captive Portal - A system which intercepts request from WiFi users and redirects them from their desired website to a landing page or splash page.

Landing Page  - A web page to which WiFi users are first redirected. May give the user several options, for example:  To enter a user name and password, To enter a voucher code; To sign up for service with a Credit Card. See also Splash Page

Splash Page - A web page to which WiFi users are first redirected. Like a landing page but normally simpler. Normally only prompts user to agree to terms of service.

Walled Garden - A term for websites that are allowed to unauthenticated users. For example a hotel may choose to let customers browse the hotel website for free but then charge for Internet access.

WiFi Router - A networking device that provides WiFi and network routing. All WiFi routers are also Access Points. May also contain an ADSL modem.    

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