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This information relates to UseMyNet 1.3-9 released April 2010 and later. For prior releases please refer to older version /knowledge-base


What format does the code file use ?

Codes are stored on the UseMyNet unit in the file /etc/umn/codes.

A sample file would be:


The file is comma seperated. The first field is left blank for an unused code eg. SVCDJK or is marked with a asterisk by the system when the code is used. The second field contains the code. The final field contains R,G,B to reference Red, Green or Blue codes.

You can create this file yourself and upload it to the unit. We sell a simple spreadsheet that automates the process of generating the codes and it also formats the codes to print them onto A4 lables,



Lost and Forgotten system password

If is not easy to recover a lost administration password. The username is root and the default password is admin.

The router may be booted into failsafe mode. Do this by unplugging the router and

On a Linksys WRT54GL, power on the router and wait for the DMZ light first (important - wait for DMZ light to avoid clearing important nvram memory settings). Then press and hold the reset button on the back until the DMZ light blinks. The sys light and DMZ leds will flash rapidly.

On a TP-Link power up the router. When the 'SYS' light starts to blink, press and hold the QSS button in the front-right until the blinking gets faster. The power light will flash and the unit will have an IP address of

  1. Set your PC to a static IP address of
  2. TELNET to
  3. Run "mount_root"
  4. Run the command "cat /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.user" this will display the current password.
To reset the root password
  1. Run the command "passwd" to set a root password.

Reboot the unit and it will revert to it's normal IP address (typically set to or


If the above does not work it will be necessary to reset the router to it's UseMyNet defaults.




Install original Linksys firmware

To go back to the Linksys firmware it's necessary to use the "TFTP method"

Download the Linksys TFTP utility for Windows from:

also download the correct firmware file from the Linksys website.

Set your PC IP to

In the Linksys utility set the "server" to   (The router always uses this IP during boot)

Browse for the file to upload.

A few seconds after you turn on the router click "upgrade" you will need to try a few times to get the timing correct.

Once you get "Upgrade Sucessful" then wait for the power light to stop flashing, then reboot the router and you'll be good

Update: Check our you-tube channel for a detailed video method description.





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