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Pub Wifi

Offering Free WiFi for your customers.


WiFi internet access has become a popular service in pubs and hospitality venues. Major UK providers

Ready to Go - Hotspot
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such as "The Cloud" and "Openzone" offer solutions but tied to the supply of other services or limit free customer access to their own subscribers. The popular simple alternative of simply giving out your own WiFi passkey to customers is a risky option (and one which misses out on some of the potential promotional benefits of offering Free WiFi) but is one which many publicans choose either in the interests of simplicity or cost saving.


We offer an alternative simple, low cost, secure solution that can not only help protect your business from abuse of your interent provision but also help ensure your customers are the only to ones to benefit and promote customer loyalty.


A Simple Secure Independant WiFi solution you control

We have a "Ready to Go" Hotspot router (or a low cost software download to load onto a router you purchase yourself if you prefer). Either way the new Hotspot router simply plugs into your existing internet router and offers a secure separate customer WiFi signal "firewalled" from your own internal network.


When customers connect to your public WiFi signal and open their internet browser they are directed to your own customised "login" page. You design the page with your pub logo and "special offers" or "terms of use" as you wish.



wifi splash pageYou can control access via a common password given to all, or individual ticket codesunique to each customer,or simply allow customers to click an "I Agree" button to gain access. The system is flexible around you. You can make it as easy as possible for your genuine customers to connect.


Either way - customers can be limited to a set amount of time (and/or data use) before their internet session ends. You can easily allow say 2 hours free access with a set amount of "usage", but prevent neighbours from using the service indefinately to stream HD videos or pirated films.


Why UseMyNet instead of an ordinary WiFi router?

Many publicans recognise exaggerated claims put about by large Wifi "service providers" as scare stories and opt instead to allow unrestricted internet access via an ordinary WiFi router either with, or without, a pass-code. In some cases it may even be set-up as part of the business' own internal "back-office" network with significant additional security risks. There are however real risks in allowing anyone to have unfettered access to your internet connection (and even more seriously to your private network/WiFi). As internet user become more aware of authorities tracing illegal use back to their homes, the risks increase that they will use uncontrolled WiFi hotspots instead meaning the use gets traced back to the Hotspot provider who may be expected explain what precautions are in place.


UseMyNet offer an alternative balanced approach to avoid user abuse and comply with genuine legal obligations but without the cost and inconvenience of "big brother" solutions.


The benefits of UseMyNet over many "DIY" solutions include:Pub WiFi

- Secure from your internal "back office" network
- Customised/Branded Landing page with option to "Accept Terms of Access"
- User Session logging to help protect against illegal activity/copyright claims
- Time and data limits to prevent "unfair use" abuse
- Promote offers via the landing page
- Integrates with optional filter services to block undesirable internet content
- Offer loyalty benefits via new "Hosted Login" / customer registration options.


Unlike most competitors there is only a single one-off low cost payment. There are no recurring fees; the system is completely self-contained and controlled by you.
Ready to Go - Hotspot

£149.99Add to Cart


Our "Ready to Go" Hotspot router costs just £149.99p. You only need to plug it into your own existing internet connected router and set your access options, WiFi name and landing page/logo. We can even do that for you before despatch if you wish.


Check out the details here or buy now.


We also have low cost download options to load our hotspot firmware onto your own purchased router (however the software is only compatible with a select few WiFi routers and entirely replaces the manufacturer's firmware; it does not run alongside it).


For more information contact us now.


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