WiFi Hotspot Gateway for VMWare


New Release Pending


New Release Pending

WiFi Hotspot Gateway Software

Gateway software to run on PC with VirtualBox®



Latest News Mar'13: We are currently testing our new VirtualBox version of our Gateway software which replaces the previous VMWare product. Release expected this month. Please contact us with any questions.



Our Wi-Fi Gateway Software is a PC based solution for controlling access to multiple WiFi Access Points across a large Hotspot. WiFi sessions can be controlled with pre-generated ticket codes given or sold to users, or via a hosted user registration and login system. It can also take payment for Wi-Fi sessions with PayPal® directly into your account through the E-Junkie shopping cart. It is ideal for WiFi providers or large deployments in Hotels, Bars, and Cafés. UseMyNet Gateway can scale to hundreds of simultaneous users accross multiple WiFi access points.

firmware steps


The UseMyNet Gateway software is available as an immediate download after purchase. VirtualBox® from Oracle can be downloaded from the www.virtualbox.org website and installed in accordance with UseMyNet instruction provided. UseMyNet can then be started by simply running the Virtual Machine file. The UseMyNet control menus can then be accessed from a normal browser as for the router based UseMyNet products to setup payment options, edit the landing page and Hosted and PayPay® options if required.

Unlike most competitors there's no rental or revenue sharing, the system is completely self-contained and controlled by you.

Key Features

PayPal Integration
Accept payments via Paypal. Set the price, duration and currency. Built-in "Instant Payment Notification" listener automatically starts Internet session when payment is complete.
Traffic Limiting
Option to set a maximum volume of traffic and/or time duration within 4 different code types and also on "free access" sessions (if allowed). For instance – “Red Ticket 5 MB and 180 Minutes”. The session ends when the traffic or duration reaches to its maximum.
Enterprise Solution using VMWare on a PC with 2 Network Cards
Scalable solution that can support over 100 concurrent sessions dependant on server hardware.
Offer different access levels with differing time and usages limits.
Time period and/or data traffic limits can be set for 3 different levels of user specific unique tickets codes.
A "White" ticket login code and limits can also be set for use by multple users.
"Free" access without any login code can optionally be allowed via an "I Agree" button.
Place Limits on all user sessions - including "free" use
All sessions easily controllable with time and/or data traffic limits. Prevent clients from using multiple "free" logins within a specific time period.
Set Initial Website Redirect Page
After landing page login, customers are redirected to the specific website they requested. But you can optionally redirect them to a website of your choice, for example your business website.
"The Internet Guide" from Dyn.com Integration
Allows content filtering and safe surfing


System Requirements:

1. PC or Mac capable of and running VirtualBox virtualisation software.

2. Minium 512MB RAM.

3. 2 Nework Cards.

4. Using the Paypal option will require a PayPay® account and E-Junkie shopping cart subscription.

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WiFi Hotspot Gateway
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We supply email support and software updates for 1 year from the date of purchase. We're proud of our support and will do all we can to help you out quickly.


You are licensed to install the UseMyNet software on one VM Host. You must also hold a valid licence for the VMWare® installation. For bulk software licensing, please contact us . UseMyNet firmware is a customized OpenWRT image that contains the features of both Open Source Software and UseMyNet Code. OpenWRT is a free software that is available on the website http://www.openwrt.org.

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