UseMyNet Wi-Fi Hotspot Firmware

Install our Hotspot firmware onto your router to create a managed WiFi Hotspot

Easy managed guest and customer WiFi provision for business and community organisations. Control WiFi access for customers, use a promotional landing page and optionally apply time or data usage limits or simply agree terms of use. Choose to provide complementary or pay for internet access with or without ticket codes.


1. Download firmware
2. Load firmware onto router
3. Edit your landing Page
and include your logo.

  4 a) Create codes for WiFi access
 or b) just use an "I Agree" button

Choose your preferred WiFi router:

Hotspot Firmware for TP-Link WR1043ND Router:

UseMyNet Hotspot Firmware
for TP Link WR1043ND

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Buy Now
Immediate Download
The TP-Link TL-WR1043ND router has a good specification and excellent reputation with third party firmware. It offers up to 300Mbs with Wifi 802.11b/g and "n". 3 detatchable antenna allow for the connection of external antenna.

It is the right choice for cafes, guest houses, and businesses where up to 40 concurrent Hotspot users are anticipated (although there is no specific user limit).


Note: The download link supplied is only suitable for the new black version 2.1 of the router (which looks similar to the image shown). We can still supply firmware for the previous versions 1.x (white) router - please contact us to obtain that alternative download link.


This TP-Link router is available from online suppliers for around:

US: US$60 (eg: B&H Photo) , UK: GBP£45 , Europe: EUR€46 , Australasia: AUS$57



Hotspot Firmware for Linksys WRT54GL Router :

UseMyNet Hotspot Firmware
for Linksys WRT54GL

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Buy Now
Immediate Download

The Linksys WRT54GL is a long established and proven reliable router. However, it has limited specification by current standards and does NOT feature Wifi 802.11n so may be reaching the end of it's mainstream product life.

We continue to offer our basic Hotspot firmware for it at UseMyNet version 1.3-9x. Note: This is our 2010-12 firmware version which does not retain a user session log after the user session has ended.





Hotspot firmware for other routers.

UseMyNet Hotspot Firmware
for Other Routers

Contact us for availability

Each model, and often version, of router needs it's own firmware build and testing. Our priority is to offer a reliable well supported product and the frequency of model updates in the ranges of manufacturers makes it impractical to offer a comprehensive range. Hence we prioritise firmware for our preferred router - the proven and cost effective TP-Link WR1043ND.

However to accomodate other requirements, we may be able to offer our Hotspot firmware for certain other models and makes as listed below.
Note: This list is the entire range of models we can either support now or are working on for the near future.
Firmware prices for other routers are typically around 50% higher than for our TP-Link WR1043ND / Linksys WRT54GL versions. The list will be updated as changes are made. We are unfortunately not able to support any routers not listed here.


Immediate download firmware:

  • — TP-Link WR1043ND (our currently preferred router - download firmware on-line).
  • — Linksys WRT54GL (until recently this was our primary supported router).

Other routers (firmware subject to compatibility and availability):

  • — Netgear WNDR3800 (and some similar models but frequent model hardware changes by Netgear and selective worldwide availability mean model/versions must be precise).
  • — TP-Link WDR3600 and TP-Link WDR4300





What happens when users connect to your Hotspot:

Visitors are redirected to your personalized landing page, hosted on the router where they are prompted for a ticket code to gain Internet access. You can generate hundreds of five-letter access codes stored on the router which you can give or sell to your visitors. You can set the duration and bandwidth available for different types of code. Using our Code Generator these codes can also be printed from your PC.

Alternatively you can allow public access via a universal five-letter access code or simply by clicking an "I agree" button - and still control duration and data transfer limits for each user to prevent misuse.


You can also now use our hosted login option to collect Hotspot user's email addresses and other details. See a simple free WiFi system with collected email addresses demonstation here.


Easy setup

When you purchase our Wi-Fi Hotspot firmware you can download it instantly. Then you need to install the file to the chosen router which is an easy process taking less than 5 minutes. Once that is done you can edit the landing page, generate codes and you are done.

Unlike most competitors there's no rental or revenue sharing, the system is completely self-contained and controlled by you.

Key Features

Traffic Limiting
Option to set a maximum volume of traffic and/or time duration within 4 different code types and also on "free access" sessions (if allowed). For instance – “Red Ticket 5 MB and 180 Minutes”. The session ends when the traffic or duration reaches to its maximum.
Session Listing
Keep track of the number of computers connected and the amount of traffic consumed by them (in megabytes).
Offer different access levels with differing time and usages limits.
Time period and/or data traffic limits can be set for 3 different levels of user specific unique tickets codes.
A "White" ticket login code and limits can also be set for use by multple users.
"Free" access without any login code can optionally be allowed via an "I Agree" button.
Place Limits on all user sessions - including "free" use
All sessions easily controllable with time and/or data traffic limits. Prevent clients from using multiple "free" logins within a specific time period.
Set Initial Website Redirect Page
After landing page login, customers are redirected to the specific website they requested. But you can optionally redirect them to a website of your choice, for example your business website.
Easy Setup
Upgrade firmware from original Linksys admin console. Connect a network cable to your existing Internet connection. From the new UseMyNet admin console, edit landing page, upload a logo, generate some access codes and you are done. The whole setup process should take less than 20 mins.


System Requirements:

1. A compatible router with it's orignal manufacturer's firmware still installed.
(Firmware is available for a TP Link WR1043ND , or a Linksys WRT54GL router.)

2. An Internet Connection. You can plug the UseMyNet unit into a cable modem or into a spare port on your DSL router. If you have an existing WiFi network you can run the UseMyNet along side, keeping your existing WiFi for yourself and having the UseMyNet WiFi for your visitors.


We supply email support and software updates for 1 year from the date of purchase. We're proud of our support and will do all we can to help you out quickly.



You are licensed to install the UseMyNet software on one router. For bulk software licensing, please contact us . UseMyNet firmware is a customized OpenWRT image that contains the features of both Open Source Software and UseMyNet Code. OpenWRT is GPLv2 open source software that is available on the website


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