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UseMyNet Wi-Fi Hotspot

It works straight out of the box.

A powerful 802.11N router pre-loaded with UseMyNet firmware and ready to plug into an existing internet connection to offer an immediate managed customer WiFi hotspot for "paid" or "free" guest internet access.

Set up your coded ticket, free or Paypal internet access options and your business promotional "splash" page from the owners menu interface.

Unlike competitors NO rental or revenue sharing. Once only payment.
The system is self-contained and controlled only by you.

wifi hotspot routerThe Wi-Fi Hotspot Router supports:


It works straight out the box:

In most cases your Hotspot will work straight from the box. Simply connect to your existing internet router or cable connection. Login to the owner's administration menu to name your hotspot, then change the user time and data limits to your own preferences and any pricing options. You can edit the introduction page your customers see when they first use your WiFi to include your logo and current business offers. Alternatively just ask us to set these to your exact requirements before we despatch your order.

Option to Integrate with PayPal®:

With payments by PayPal enabled, customers are directed to a landing page where they can purchase online time using PayPal "Buy Now" buttons. Customers with an existing Paypal account can be online in seconds without entering their card details. Customers who do not have a PayPal account can enter their credit or debit card details. Payments go directly into your PayPal account and you can set the prices and currency for access.
Enabling the Paypal option also requires an E-Junkie subscription which currently costs US$5/mth.

Hosted Registration Services (NEW):

User login can now be integrated with registration, subscription or promotional offers using externally hosted services.

Flexible with possibilities that include:

Note: Additional subscription or set-up may be required for some of these services. Talk to us about your specific requirements.

Key Features:

Easy Setup
Connect a network cable between the UseMyNet unit and your existing Internet connection. From the new UseMyNet admin console, edit the default landing page with your logo, generate some access codes and you are done.
Control user access and use
All sessions easily controllable with time and/or data traffic limits. Prevent clients from using multiple "free" logins within a specific time period.
Offer different access levels with differing time and usages limits
Time period and/or data traffic limits can be set for 3 different levels of user specific unique tickets codes.
A "White" ticket login code and limits can also be set for use by multple users.
"Free" access without any login code can optionally be allowed via an "I Agree" button.
Set Initial Website Redirect Page
After landing page login, customers are redirected to the specific website they requested. But you can optionally redirect them to a website of your choice, for example your business website.
Use your WiFi Hotspot to promote your business
Use the intial entry "Splash page" or a website redirect, to promote current offers or encourage customers to visit your business Facebook or events pages. Use the Hosted Login options to introduce customer promotions.
Paypal Integration Option
Set up to 3 different time/data plans priced accordingly.


System Requirements:

1. Just an Internet Connection! You can plug the UseMyNet unit into a cable modem or into a spare port on your DSL router. If you have an existing WiFi network you can run the UseMyNet along side, keeping your existing WiFi for yourself and having the UseMyNet WiFi for your visitors.

2. To use the Paypal option you will also require a subscription to EJunkie which currently costs US$5 per month and a Paypal account..

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Ready to Go - Hotspot system
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