Your user surveys & newsletter sign-ups

Ask your users to complete a survey or newsletter sign-up for free WiFi Access


UseMyNet can now offer the following options to connect with your WiFi users:
1) Ask users to complete a short survey before granting WiFi Hotspot access.


2) Offer users an email newsletter sign-up before granting WiFi Hotspot access.

See a simple newsletter sign-up login demonstation here


User Survey:

When customers connect to your WiFi and open a browser they will be taken to a survey page. It is up to you whether to make this optional or not but you are likely to want to enable returning customers to opt out of completing it again. You can do this, and yet still enforce new users to complete it if you wish, by providing the WiFi access code at the end of the survey. As long as returning customers remember the code they won't need to complete it again.


The survey design, questions and completed user responses stored in an online hosting account. This can be done using the services of a dedicated online survey company such as Fluid Surveys then using a customised completion page to issue the WiFi session start code to the router once the survey is complete. Alternatively we can host the survey for you which is suitable for simple question requirements but which will allow you to monitor returning users more closely.


You can make the Survey as simple or as complicated as you like - particularly if using the Fluid Surveys premium services. In general however it is usually best to keep questions to a minimum so as not to frustrate users who are more interested in getting online than answering too many questions accurately. You can of course also ask for an email address during the survey but it isn't usually practical to verify that address as part of the process.


EMail Newsletter Sign-up:

Very similar to the User Survey, you can also ask users to sign-up to your Newsletter before logging onto your WiFi.

This is possible using Mail Chimp's free service. It is probably best not to make the sign-up compulsory and again returning users will need to be able to circumvent signing up again in any case.


However you can encourage new users to sign up to the Newsletter by only granting non-registered users a limited period of free WiFi access, whilst signed-up (and email confirmed users) are given longer or unlimited access. You can of course use the newsletter to offer specific promotions and discount vouchers to signed-up customers to encourage them to keep returning again and again.


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